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This is an outtake of the Francis Friday album, The Nature of Things, found here francisfriday.bandcamp.com/album/the-nature-of-things. It's written about the same person as Girl From Louisiana, and I didn't want 2 songs about the same ex on one album. Anyway, Dear Lilly simply isn't as good and I never really finished it. This is just a rough mix that I intended to finish later. I wanted to do the guitar solo over again and I even thought a saxophone might've worked better. Musically, I was trying to sound like The Band.


Dear Lilly won't you feed me?
Because I feel no love when I know you're not near me
Dear Lilly won't you be with me?
But there aint no telling when you're going to up and leave me

How could I stay true to myself
when there aint no right or wrong?
I wish I could just get you to see that you're hurting the weakest side of me

Dear Lilly won't you listen please
To the one that shadows all the drama that surrounds you
Dear Lilly don't you feed the thief
Because you know your ego's gonna leave you and defeat you

How could you stay out of my life
when you needed so much more?
Afraid to give and never receive
I could just stand there and make-believe
oh Lilly




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